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  • Scribbled by Tiffany

Craft Beer Hair?! BRÖÖ review

I received some intriguing "Beer Mail" the other week in the format of a few varieties of BRÖÖ Shampoo and Conditioner and am excited to share my experience with you!

I remember when I was young my mom telling stories of how she used to wash her hair with beer for more shine and body. I remember thinking it was strange and as I got older I gave more priority to drinking beer than even thinking of washing my hair in it until now...

BRÖÖ Shampoo and Conditioner has lived in my shower for the past few weeks and I am convinced that it will hold a regular place in the corner and bring a new meaning to shower beer. With the lack of sounding too much like a shampoo commercial, as I flip my hair into the air, both barley and hops have various benefits including B vitamins, minerals and proteins to nourish and repair your hair and antioxidant-rich oils to sooth your scalp. All products are made in the USA and are all-natural (free of parabens, phthalates, dyes, synthetic fragrances, PEGs, polyquaterniums, phenoxyethanol and propylene glycol).

With several varieties of BRÖÖ, each smelling uniquely delicious and not like stale beer you can choose to feel the buzz through invigorating mint, drench your do with moisturizing shea butter or pop your top with a thickening citrus mixology.

Though I am a sucker for cool beer related products I can honestly say from the story behind BRÖÖ and packaging to the aroma and finished result of my hair I am pleased with BRÖÖ's shampoos and conditioners and urge you to pair it with your favourite beer in the shower and bring some of your craft beer passion to your hair!

BRÖÖ's products are sold at Walmart stores nation wide and online at BRÖÖ also has a mens line. #BRÖÖ #broohaircare #broocraftbeer

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored blog post. I received compensation in exchange for writing this review. Although this post is sponsored, these are my own honest opinions.

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