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Must visit breweries for Hallowe'en muahahahahahahahah... Boo!

I have to confess this post may be written a little late but had to be done. There is still time to plan on visiting some of these spooky events at the breweries or bookmark it for next year and make a road trip full of spooky thrills and delicious beer.

So by now you have probably guessed that I am a huge fan of Hallowe'en, well that's a bit of an understatement as I consider it my favourite holiday even over Christmas.

On my brewery travels across Ontario and around the USA I have been excited to discover many breweries that participate in this wonderful day by holding events throughout October geared at us both beer geeks and hallowe'en freaks!!

So here is a list of breweries, that I am aware of, that you must check out around the most wonderful time of year... Hallowe'en!!

Please feel free to add any I have missed in the comments as i love to build the list!

1. Brew Windsor, ON - Brew Basement Butchering is not for the faint of heart. Labeled as one of the most extreme haunted houses around this 19+ event is guaranteed to leave you needing more beer... if you survive that is and don't yell the safe word! They have brewed a special beer in the past for this event called Walking Red Spiced Amber Ale and you can sip a pint as you wait to be called as the next victim .. I mean guest to be blindfolded and taken into the basement. It is being held this weekend Oct. 26, 27 & 28th so check out their Facebook page here and book your group today as you won't want to go alone!

2. The Brewerie At Union Station, Erie, PA - This brewery is a really unique spot to visit anytime of year as it is housed in an old train station in Erie, PA. What makes it so special to visit in October on wednesdays and fridays are their haunted history tours they run in the underbelly of the brewery in the old train tunnels.

There have been dozens of tragic and untimely deaths in and around the station throughout its long history along with one urban legend you will discover ... Strange & unexplainable things do happen regularly at Union Station to this day. You can hear those stories on our Haunted History Tours during the months of April and October – while enjoying an Appartion Amber. The tours are about 2 hours in length and $15 a person. As with all the others it is advised to call ahead to reserve your spot!