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Somersby's Semi Dry Cider Release

Big thanks to Somersby for sending a few of their ciders this way for me to taste instead of beer.

I am the first to admit I don't drink much cider for no reason other than I love beer and am not a big fan of sweet things. I have drank them in the past and always found them too sweet for my liking but with all the ciders popping up around us I am excited to see more varieties and ones that are more tart, dry and along the style of what I like.

Somersby's newest addition to their line up is a semi dry cider and I was anxious to give it a try and see if it was dry enough for me to enjoy. So here is my personal cider review which may lack some knowledge as I don't know much about cider and how to break it down but I know what I like. Please give it a try for yourself!

As I poured it into one of their branded glasses, with the thumb ledge that I love, I get a ton of apples on the nose and some slight winegum too. The tall can contents fits perfectly in the glass and with a pale yellow there is some cloudiness to it. On the sip I am hit with sweetness off the start (since the tip of your tongue registers that first) it does fade a little and some dryness on the back end but overall for me I still found it quite sweet but more dry than their original or other fruit ciders.

Just to clarify I don't eat many sweets to start with and am a salty, savoury person so my perception of sweet is very sensitive. I did however finish the glass and am intrigued to stay open minded about venturing into cider more.

Somersby Semi Dry along with their Red Rhubarb and original are all available at the LCBO so get out of your "beer sandbox" and try something new today!

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