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  • Scribbled by ..Tiffany

R&B Brewing VS Bellwoods (Milkshake IPA's)

Today I did little something different by comparing two milkshake IPAs from the west coast of Canada and Toronto.

R&B Brewing out of East Van is reppin a Shake Your Fruity Milkshake IPA & Bellwoods latest addition to their Milk Shark lineup is Passionfruit!

My overall impression were that they were both solid beers but for me the R&B, Shake your fruity came out on top as it was a little less sweet and leaned to more of an IPA with a slight bit more hop presence too. Bellwood's makes great beers and some of my favourite IPA's out there (Jutsu, Roman Candle, Street Shark) but the sweetness and vanilla, for my style, was a little too much. So the Gold in this episode of VS goes to R&B from East Van with a solid Silver going to Bellwoods. Much love and props to both breweries .... keep it up!

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