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The Road to cicerone just got brighter!

When a curiosity for Craft Beer turns into an obsession for knowledge I have, once again, set my eyes on the road to sipping my way toward Cicerone.

This decision didn't happen overnight, in fact it was a certain post online that lit the fire under me to focus again on the road to pursuing this accreditation.

For those wondering what Cicerone is well The Cicerone Certification Program is the world’s leading certification program for beer professionals. Like a beer university that tests you on all aspects of beer from ingredients to serving and styles. There are four levels to this to allow participation from all levels of interest and experience. From Certified Beer Server to Master Cicerone you learn all aspects of beer and meet some fantastic people along the way.

To my excitement it has recently announced that it will be deepening its presence in Canada via a partnership with The Beer Sisters, a Toronto based beer education group run by two lovely and outgoing sisters; Advanced Cicerone Crystal Luxmore and Certified Cicerone Tara Luxmore.

With a huge warm thanks to the Beer Sisters I have discovered this goal is not as far out of reach as I first thought. They are solving the “problem” I had felt. Which was the lack of support in Canada for those looking to go this route. Most likely an excuse I had made up in my mind but none the less it is being solved therefore this need must have been felt by others. Oh and the fact that they are RAD women in the industry makes my heart sing!

Tara & Crystal

With this excuse now behind me I am excited to discover others in Canada on this road through their new FB group, and look forward to this next journey and sipping forward!

Join their Canadian Study Group on Facebook: Canadian Certified Cicerone® Study Group AND sign up for their Canadian newsletter:



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