• Tiffany

Be A Part Of The Legacy!

Women drink beer.

This likely isn’t shocking news as there’s a good chance you know a woman, or several, who drink beer, or you do yourself. Women also brew, package, sell, write about and market beer and if you've been to a brewery, taken a tour, attended a beer festival or heard of several all women beer groups like Hoppy Bitches, SOBDL or Barley's Angels it's clear the female numbers are growing.

Well there is a new, much needed, ALL Womens Group that has popped up in Hamilton, On and it is called Iron Beer Maidens and I am proud to be a co-founder of it along with Aimee Belanger.

It all started with beer...

Brought together by Beer School Tiffany & Aimee hit it off from first sip. Starting with a common love for good beer and learning they had a lot more in common they have grown their friendship over many delicious beers and decided it was time to do more. Hamilton, ON was in desperate need of an ALL womens beer group and they waited no longer for it to happen and created Iron Beer Maidens.

"We are stoked to be able to bring rad beer loving women, or those who identify as women, together for some learning, sipping, bonding and just an overall good time all while supporting the local craft beer industry." So sit back, open a beer and make plans to join us at our next monthly event... it’s going to rock.

A league of extraordinary women who enjoy extraordinary beers.

This relationship between women and beer is as one straightforward—beer itself doesn’t have a gender and there is nothing unique about a woman drinking a beer—and in fact women where the first to brew and sell this deliciously popular beverage. It somehow still sits at a cross section of culture, history, business and gender politics. So we are hoping to aid in that and provide both a safe space to enjoy a beer and be able to learn about it and ask questions without feeling judge.