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  • Unboxed by Tiffany

Must Have Glassware!!

I had a lot of fun creating this video for B Cups by Fermented Reality 🍻 💥

Don’t let the 7:33 time length scare you because not only did we enjoy cold beer out of them we put these glasses through a variety of tests to show YOU that this is the shatterproof glassware you need in your life!

B Cups are the only choice if you are looking to enjoy your favourite craft beer in any outdoor setting. From boating and beaching to camping and poolside to clumsy friends and pets, they give your beer the respect it deserves with their stylized shapes and they won't break if it hits the deck. It's the first go anywhere stylized beer glass in the world!

B-cups come in four styles; Lager, Funk, IPA and Stouts they're shaped to enhance the flavours and aromas of your favourite beer and made from heavy gauge BPA and BPS free plastic and dishwasher safe for long life.

Check out the video for more details including dropping one from a drone at 100ft and ditch those red solo cups and shop for Fermented Reality here.

🍻 ⛳️ 🐈 🐕 ⛺️ 🚲⛵️ 🎉 ✅

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