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A Classic Brought Back To Life... Craft Pizza & Craft Beer!

I first remember ordering Panago Pizza years back when I was living on the West Coast of Canada in beautiful British Columbia. Back then it was Panagopoulos", which is the name the chain grew under and rebranded as "Panago" in 2000. Panago is a Canadian pizza company originating from Abbotsford, British Columbia with now over 195 locations spread across 6 provinces, you can find a location near you {here} on their website! Just the name alone brings back my desire to move west again one day and though I can’t get the mountain views or ocean smells British Columbia provides here in Ontario I am happy to say I can get Panago Pizza!! Beer has long been considered a perfect summer drink, year-round for some of us, and pairs deliciously with Panago’s new craft-style pizzas. When I was given the chance to sample Panago’s menu and pair with some beer I jumped at the opportunity! (especially with the timing of packing up our house to move it was a relief to not have to cook dinner tonight –no stress – no dishes just good food and company!) Tonight I am pairing a few of their menu items with Steam’s Whistle’s Pilsner in honour of their upcoming sponsored event at Steam Whistle on June 25th . I will have 2 tickets to the event and a Panago Pizza gift certificate valued at $55 to give away on my Instagram starting June 19th and winners will be announced June 23rd.

Now go look up your closest Panago for delivery as I share with you the following delicious menu items. Trippple Pepperoni – Loaded with three types of pepperoni, including Deli-Style, Dry Cured and Double Smoked made from pork raised without the use of antibiotics, it's crafted with pepperoni lovers in mind. I love a classic pepperoni pizza and they have up the anti by adding 3 styles to this pizza… I loved it! Triple Pepparugula – It’s the Trippple Pepperoni pizza made with 100% organic tomato sauce and a hit of fresh arugula, served on the side. Key part here is they serve the arugula on the side so it is fresh and vibrant to add just as you are about to enjoy the pizza. I am a huge fan of arugula and the peppery flavor it adds to any meal.

Arugula Steak Salad- You can make friends with salad when there is steak and shaved cheese on it… trust me. Romaine, arugula, steak, grape tomatoes, red onions and a special blend of formaggio shaved on top. Add some of their balsamic to it and it is a great appetizer to your meal.

For this round I paired my Panago Pizza with Steam Whistle’s Pilsner. It went well with all of the above for several reasons… Pilsners are lighter in flavour so it isn’t clashing or overpowering any flavours from the food. The slight bitterness from the Czech and Bavarian hops compliment the peppery flavor in both the arugula and the pepperoni and the carbonation of the beer helps cuts through the meat and cheese and lift the flavours off your tongue. Also with malt being a main ingredient in beer, the golden two row barley used in Steam Whistle has a light breadiness just like the crust of the pizza. My favourite pairing was the Trippple Peparugula with the Steam Whistle but I enjoyed both.

Dinner TIme

Panago's menu extends to salads, cheezy bread, four types of wings, a cookie & dips and shakers. They pride themselves on making fresh dough daily and using 100% organic tomato sauce. For more details on a chance to win 2 tickets to the #panagoxsteamwhistle event and a Panago Pizza gift certificate valued at $55 head to Instagram 1) Follow @panago_pizza 2) Follow @steamwhistlebrewing 3) visit @travellingpint on Instagram here and find my Panagoxsteamwhistle contest photo and Tag a friend in the comments you want to enjoy Pizza & Beer with. *This post has been sponsored by Panago, as always the opinions and text are all mine.

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