• Scribbled by ..Tiffany

Checking Out the Craft Beer Scene in Sarnia-Lambton. All Roads lead to Craft Beer one way or another

As I headed out on a 2-day exploration of Ontario’s Southwest I was filled with excitement to discover a variety of new foods, people, beer and learn more about cider & coffee. I returned with all that accomplished and something else... something important. I had the realization how each stop we made along the way that wasn’t a craft beer brewery was still linked to that industry in a way, whether a similar concept, approach or felt like a close cousin and that was cool.

Enjoy the following blog post as I take you through a great way to spend two days exploring the Sarnia area and share how I found everything related back to Craft Beer, in a way. You can revisit my Instagram story of this trip as a highlight on my Instagram page titled Blue Coast ON!

1) Twin Pines Orchards & Cider House was our first stop on the tour. Fall is a wonderful time of year to visit and orchard and with the cool temps setting in and pumpkins getting as ready as the apples to pick I was excited to peek around and expand some of my little knowledge on hard cider. We were kindly greeted by Mark one of the owners and family members of this family run operation and he took us on a tour of the cidery and he is a true wealth of information I could have stayed there for days listening and learning about apples and how the hard cider process works, I had no idea and was so cool to learn and their traditional methods are making a great hard cider!

Twin Pines Cidery & Orchard is a 50 acre family run orchard / farm located in Lambton Shores.

The farm produces well over one million pounds of apples from 25 commercial varieties and approx 15 heritage and specialty cider varieties for their fantastic cider. The land is rich with naturally occurring aquafirs and is perfect for growing fruit and all of the preserves made in our kitchens incorporate these wonderful fruits and vegetables.

We made our way to the ever favourite tasting room and worked our way through a line up of ciders. Want to try something most likely new to you? Then try their Scrumpy! Scrumpy and original were my fav but we got a bottle of the old world too as we couldn't choose! ! It’s is a rustic, unfiltered, farm-based cider with a strong, distinctive taste and apple varieties used are unique to each year. To “scrump” is to steal, snag or swipe up apples from an orchard and this hard cider is a classic from England’s West Country. Making their way from across the pond, the enthusiasm behind these farm-fresh scrumpy ciders is mirrored in North America there are a few producers taking a crack at their own recipes and Twin Pines is one and a must try! Apparently these can be fantastic or strange, based on where made and what your taste buds enjoy, I LOVED it. Now my cider tasting notes may be a little rookie but I’d describe it as a medium dry cider with layers of full apple flavour. Dry and a slight sour / tang on the finish it makes it a fantastic cider.