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The 5 W's of Travelling Pint

Today's post is fun and light as I revert to what I learned as the basics of story telling, the 5 "W's", and turn in into a blog to share with you today.

Who I'm following: These Instagram accounts are a few of my favs and for different reasons I check in on them daily and enjoy their style and way of telling stories. They inspire me, give me gas in the tank to keep doing what i'm doing, make me smile and that is cool. And let's be honest fresh beer is fantastic but there is more to life than beer... like hallowe'en, star wars and travel lol @prettypenniejewellery

What I'm eyeing: As one of my favourite seasons, fall, is finally underway I have begin to look to see what local breweries and LCBO & grocery have to offer as far as new to me beers! What I am looking forward to getting my lips on are; Black Stone Porter by Driftwood Brewery in Victoria, BC (though available at LCBO). Sumac Brut IPA is a collab with SOBDL and Brunswick Bierworks and I dig this style and want to sip it! Any of the fall style beers from Royal City in Guelph. These guys made a great beer and I always love to roadtrip up to discover what they are pouring. M-43 N.E. IPA from Old Nation Brewing in Michigan. I have had it before and it's a beauty so I am excited to visit them on our Michigan Road Trip. Torch by Blood Brothers Brewing out of Toronto, rumour has it that it's returning but to be honest i'll take anything they make as it's all well done!

What I am reading: I have never been an avid reader, I was totally that person in school that did coles notes and did it well. Since I have discovered craft beer and started to learn more about all aspects books have become my best friend and a great reference for learning and brushing up on info before an event. Currently dog eared in my home is Craft Beer Country by Kirk Richardson. It reminds me a bit of what I tried to portray in The Beermanac but Kirk is an experienced writer lol. In this first of the series Kirk is in search of the best beer from the South Pacific to Pacific North Coast as he share stories of the beer and the unique characters that make it. Official release date is October 23rd so pre-order here!

Where am I travelling to: I have been fortunate to partner up with some tourism boards lately to explore what their towns, county's and cities have to offer for the craft beer scene and beyond. Be sure to follow me on Instagram to follow along on my stories as I travel to London this weekend for their truly Local Beer Fest and workshop on Grains; Beer as an Agricultural Project both being hosted at London Brewing Co-op Have the craving to explore further? Perfect as I am stoked to be heading to Traverse City in Michigan for their Beer Week in early November. Want to join? Let's make it a road trip to remember!

Why do I do this: Travelling Pint came from love and passion - for beer. My love lies not only with the beers being brewed but the people and culture that seems to surround it. Always being an entrepreneur I believe in turning your passions into a career and as a diabetic being diagnosed at 12 I believe life is to short to do what you don't like. I have a strong love for travel too so sharing these combined passions I bring to you The Travelling Pint. To me it's not about being the expert or trying to be… but rather learning, discovering and enjoying every sip and beautiful destination on this journey as I share it all with you!

When? When what? Well I wasn't sure what to put here so I will enter a goal. I will place it here on the internet for all to see, hold me accountable and perhaps help along the way with tips and connections. By May 2020 I will have taken a 2 week trip to Japan to discover all they have in the way of beer, food and sights. It is a dream of mine to head there and though I have seen many parts of the world there is something about Japan that is peaking my interest. So do me a favour and if we run into each other ask me how my "Mission to discover Japan" is coming along.

I'll leave out the "H" from this post, even though it's my most asked question, but am always happy to share How I do this with those who ask. Until next time Drink Good Local Beer!


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