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A gift sure to land you on the Nice List

When recreating my Holiday Gift Guide for craft beer lovers this season, uKeg by Growlerwerks, was one product that not only stays on my gift guide time after time but also needs its own post to elaborate on all the reasons why you need it or need to give it this holiday. The uKeg came to market in beer-centric Portland, Oregon and was built out of love of good beer and a desire to make the take home beer experience better. It has redefined the word Growler and the experience of pouring fresh beer at home.

When I first used one at a friend’s place it took me back to the first time I poured my own pint. If you're like me there's a certain excitement to pulling on that tap handle and pouring the perfect pint of beer especially when it's your favorite style. You can then sit back and admire that pour with perfect carbonation, a beautiful collar of foam, beautiful aroma and the flavor that’s waiting for you in that glass.

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UKeg has rapidly become the envy of any kitchen, garage or she-shed and being able to enjoy a fresh pour of draft beer or other carbonated beverages has never been better or more convenient. There's so much delicious craft beer out there these days and not all of it is available in bottles or cans and to be honest glass is not always the ideal way to transport or keep beer fresh. So, upgrade your growler to uKeg and always have fresh beer on tap from your local brewery. It's made of vacuum insulated stainless steel that keeps your beer colder for longer, and a pressurized cap for keeping beer fresh and perfectly carbonated for up to two weeks, it is a perfect gift for many in your life… including you!

From your uncle who likes cocktails but doesn't get the craft beer hype and wants to

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keep his cocktails sparkling; your sister that has more badges on Untappd then the Girl Scouts even offer; your friend that's always on their next adventure and needs something to keep the beer cold on their three-hour hike up a mountain; your Instagram friend that just loves taking great pictures of beer and unique beer related products; your gadget loving husband that has almost everything but this will fill out his man cave perfectly; your trendy friend who is on the kombucha train (mmm I love kombucha); , your home brew bestie that wants to proudly tote around their home brew to all the holiday parties; well the UKeg will hold it all perfectly carbonated. I think you get the picture that when UKeg was created they truly had everyone in mind.


Besides keeping beer cooler for hours on a hot Summer's Day the benefits are plenty.

-With four designs and colors to choose from you can pick what suits you or you can choose all four one for each style of beer you love.

-Available in both ½ and full 1-gallon capacities you can cater to your needs. Yes we all want to get the largest container to hold all of the beer but there are moments when “Size Doesn't Matter” such as higher ABV special releases, it's easier to take with you on your next outdoor hike or adventure or when you're on the road and just want a few beers back at the hotel only to fill it again the next day.

-You can choose the right carbonation for your beer by turning the UKeg dial you can turn the pressure up to desired settings and enjoy your beer as it's meant to be enjoyed. I love this feature because there is nothing worse than over carbonated stout or equally and under carbonated Saison or Brut. Or if curious you can even experiment with over carbonated stout or flat kombucha if you so please.

-UKegs fit in the refrigerator, are easy to use and clean and their website aids with downloadable guides and handy how-to videos.

-Customize your uKeg with unique tap handles they also sell on their website, Beer Mom caught my eye! Alongside tap handles they have other accessories such as stylish carrying cases, uPint tumblers and their cartridges are also easy to find on their site to refill your uKeg with.

As you are shopping online you'll notice they also have Pro Packs available which offers two uKegs for a discounted price. Translation = A perfect gift for a friend and one to keep you company during the holidays and while ringing in the New Year!

I am a huge advocate for this product from the sleek and foolproof designs to the convenience of pouring a perfect beer at home you will be equally impressed.

So put an end to drain pouring old stale beer from an inferior growler and be sure to land yourself on the nice list this year by giving the gift of a uKeg and it’s much more popular than a fruit cake and gives back all year round!

Happy Holidays,


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