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Holiday Gift Guide for Craft Beer Lovers

I have updated my annual Holiday Gift Guide with Gift Ideas for the Craft Beer Lover in your life .. or for yourself ;)

I own, have used all these products I am recommending that you cant live without! Well technically you can but your life will not be as fulfilled ;)

Craft Beer Holiday Gift Guide

1. Treat your hair and bring a new meaning to shower beer with Bröö's moisturizing shampoo or their holiday gift set Link

2. Tell your beer story and show just how far you've travelled for beer... or just how far you've drank! Popped Top Brew Maps offers free shipping and for 10%off use TRAVELLINGPINT at checkout! Link

3. Make your drinking seem like a neat hobby with this portable beer journal that fits in your pocket, yet provides plenty of space to record and rate your favourite brews. *Under $10 Link

4. Upgrade your growler and have fresh beer on tap with this rad uKeg from Growlerwerks. For a stocking stuffer they offer uPint dbl walled tumblers! See my full blog post on this awesome product here or shop now -> Link

5. Custom and one-off t-shirts made locally in Guleph, ON by Smiles Apparel. I'd like to say she specializes in beer geekery shirts but check out all Jen has to offer Link

6. Enamel Pins and patches are being seen everywhere again and there are some great ones out there beer related and beyond! Start your search to cover your beer fest jacket by checking out, local to Guelph, BRFC by Jon Johnson *$10 Gift Link

7. Pretty Pennie goes beyond just beer themed jewellery but really we all need a heavy on the hops necklace Link

8. My new FAVOURITE book is Craft Beer Country: In Search of the Best Breweries from the South Pacific to the Pacific Coast. Kirk uses delightful story telling skills as he takes you through his first leg of his four-region trek in search of the best breweries. You truly feel like you are standing in each taproom with him. *Warning It will increase need for travel!! Link

10. Because we are all still kids at heart and need to open our bottles and shoot our bottle caps over 5 meters all in one swift movement Link

11. Continually recommended by friends this combination beer journal, history book, and travelogue grants readers rare access inside monastery walls for an in-depth look at the legendary breweries of Trappist monks. Link

13. Pico Brew is perfect for craft beer enthusiasts and people new to home brewing,you can craft 5 liters of the finest fresh beers in your own kitchen in about 2 hours. Link

15. Sometimes it good to be defined and beer koozies never go out of style *Under $10 Link

16. Because Pretzels make you thirsty and as a craft beer enthusiast, you should have a delicious snack that matches the sophisticated tastes of the beer you love. *Under $10 Link

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