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NewAir "Beers of the World" Custom Designed 126-Can Beer Fridge Review

My beer has been taking over the kitchen fridge for some time now and has carved out a shelf that could be space for more taco supplies. Though we have a smaller fridge in the garage for summer use, it was time for a beer fridge upgrade. I wanted not only a dedicated beer fridge but one that is stylish enough to be looked at daily in our main space of the house and with a decent capacity cause I LOVE beer.

When I first started hunting around for a new beer fridge I had a few features in mind that were must haves.

  1. A glass door so that I could gaze at my beer collection, make a choice before sitting with the door open and perhaps have one catch my eye that needed to be drank at that exact moment I walk by it.

  2. Wider temperature control. I wanted one that had a bit larger temperature range then a standard mini fridge and would not freeze my beer; after all correct temperature of any carbonated beverage is key.

  3. Adjustable shelves are a must. As you probably know craft beer comes in different sized vessels and the need to arrange to fit short cans, tall boys, crowlers and bottles is a must.

I am thrilled to say the NewAir 126 can beverage fridge covered all of these and a few more reasons listed below that I had overlooked.

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NewAir 126-Can Beer Fridge Features

  1. Glass Door -This fridge is made to last with a stainless-steel door that is finished with insulating double-paned glass that comes with an extra hinge to reverse the door if needed and LED interior lights. That's right a light!! There is a switch to choose when you want to light up your prize stash and it looks great lit up at night, almost calling your name to enjoy a brew. It truly offers the best visibility of my beers and subtly brags to my guests that some well sought out beers by certain breweries are living in there.... for now.

  2. A wider temperature control - The NewAir refrigerator’s thermostat has 7 settings allowing you to range from 34 degrees to as warm as 64 degrees. This to give you total control over how you serve your drinks. Check out this handy temperature guide by NewAir here that helps you understand what temp your fav style is best served and why!

  3. Adjustable shelves - With SplitShelf™ configuration there are five removable shelves and this fridge has 3.4 cubic feet to store 126 355ml/12 oz/short cans of beer. Thanks to those adjustable shelves fitting your tall cans or bottles is a breeze and avoids having to store the majority on their side which isn't ideal. For looking smaller it fits A LOT of beer! Product Dimensions: 18.6″D x 18.5″W x 33.3″H

  4. Stylish Design - Just like other appliances in your home, your beer fridge should come with a sleek design to fit the look of your space. It was a bonus to find this fridge with a little more pop than your usual black or silver one. The NewAir “Beers of the World” has a black exterior and stands out with the names of beer styles from around the world displayed on the sides and top. With somewhat retro fonts it fits perfect in any style of home and doubles as a study guide on beer styles. As for the noise it is quieter than our kitchen fridge and though you can hear it turn on it doesn't run for long periods of time and it isn't going to interrupt with the music, kitchen party or latest episode of the Bachelor. (ya i said that)

My thoughts on the NewAir 126 can Beer Fridge

After spending a few weeks together now I feel I can give an honest review and share my thoughts on this product. Yes, I needed a new fridge exclusively for beer so was happy when it arrived. What I did not expect was how ecstatic I would become about it and how great it fit into my home and ticked off all the boxes of what I needed in a truly functional beer fridge. The price was also reasonable for all the features included. I weirdly do stare at it throughout the day and love so much that I can see the variety of beer waiting for me as I type this. Though I am still figuring out the right shelf configuration for me and my beers the only thing I could think to add to this is a lock so that I can keep my husband from drinking one off releases and my favourite IPAs.

A beer fridge does more than keep your favourite beverage cold. It brings people together to share your beer and encourages you to have a great time. I may be going a little far to say it has stolen a piece of my heart but I can't stop looking at it and how nice and organized my beer is in it. I spend a lot of time admiring beer and this has made it even more easy to do. It’s a good call, you should get one. If you are interested in one, you can save 20% with promo code TPint20 at checkout here.

Disclaimer: I was sent a NewAir 126-Can Beer Fridge in exchange for an honest review. All opinions here are my own and I always speak my mind. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog! Also, this is a beverage cooler so can be used for other beverages or macro beer but may make fridge sad.

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