• ..Tiffany

Exploring & pouring my way through Windsor - Essex's Barrels, Bottles and Brews Trail.

I was stoked to head west again to Windsor as it has been a couple of years and the beer scene has grown there again as it seems to continue to do across Ontario. Thanks to Tourism Windsor Essex and the revamp of Barrels, Bottles and Brews Trail exploring Windsor-Essex has never been easier or better tasting. This BBB Trail is a “go-at-your-own-pace” type of experience, which is fantastic for anyone who doesn’t like to be on a tight schedule or wants to take their time exploring other stores, restaurants and activities along the way... trust me there's plenty!

From tours and tastings to the cool history of the area the BBB Trail covers all of that and is a great reason to explore this area year round. I had a fun packed three days winding through all the stops on the BBB Trail, collecting my passport stamps and again realizing the great community built through tourism and beer.

Enjoy the following blog post as I take you through a great way to spend three days exploring the Windsor-Essex area. You can also revisit my Instagram story of this trip as a highlight on my IG titled Windsor Trip!

With ten breweries on the Trail and two distilleries, there is no shortage of styles to drink, learning and interesting conversation. Both the breweries & distilleries were all so welcoming, community-driven and encouraging you to ask questions and stoked to chat about what’s going on and how it got into your glass!

I hit up Wolfhead Distillery, Banded Goose, The Grove and the soon to be the site of the Kingsville Brewery my first day.

Wolfhead Distillery greeted us with rows and rows of barrels displayed outside as it doubles as the storage for Hiram Walker's barrels. They are able to store close to 80,000 barrels outdoors as they each are filled with just enough water to keep them hydrated. Sorry to all of you that may have thought this all was filled with whisky and had dreams of tapping them from the patio. We had a sampling of their craft Vodkas