• ..Tiffany

Beer-lover’s weekend getaway in San Francisco

Heading to San Francisco for the weekend filled me with the excitement to discover somewhere new and all the new beer and sights it had to offer. Even with all the planning prep and research of must drink beers, you still don’t know what’s going to happen when you arrive, and that’s the best part of travel. I live for this excitement.

80% of my pre-trip research was breweries. Who are the must visits, what styles of beer are being served at each, who’s known for their food and where is the best bottle list?! Another 10% would be what sightseeing is a must and the final 10%, which is also the most important, where do I stay?

Finding a place with a central location to breweries and attractions is key. With

transportation of all kinds being available in SF, Uber started here after all, getting

places wasn’t an issue but with the traffic and cost of transport adding up a central hotel was key. The King George Hotel was the perfect spot to be hosted for this reason and more. This British Inspired Boutique Hotel is located just steps from Union Square and puts you in the heart of San Francisco. We took BART (train) from the airport to Powell St. Station for $9.15 it was a quick 30min ride then a 5 min walk to hotel.

The lobby hosts Mason Social Club, a quaint bar to