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5 Types of Ladies Who Would Love to Receive Beer Gift Baskets from You!

Thanks to Jet Gift Baskets for this Guest Post! It's like those quizzes in Cosmo except all the answers are BEER!! I'll take one of each for my many personalities over this crazy time. I was happy to hear from these guys and thought the timing was perfect since most of us can't visit our friends so why not send them the perfect gift...Beer! If you dig a little deeper on their site they also offer wine and candy baskets so their really is something for all tastes in your life.

5 Types of Ladies Who Would Love to Receive Beer Gift Baskets from You!

Valentine's Day, anniversaries, birthdays, Mother's Day, and any occasion celebrating the life of your special girl call for a thoughtful care package! Sure, it's easy to go with your usual flowers-and-chocolates combo (not that there's anything wrong with that), but what if you want to steer clear of the expected?

Indulge the girly, not-so girly, rugged, and always-down-to-party lady with signature beer gift baskets paired with sweet and savory gourmet treats! She'll definitely be in the mood to celebrate no matter where she is!

We've listed down 5 types of women who'll probably be into this unique gift selection:

For The Beauty Queen

She flaunts her grace and poise, plus she's not afraid to speak her mind. This fine lady totally deserves a bouquet - a beer bouquet that is! Since she's all about self-love and spreading inspiration, she'll gladly share this with her girlfriends on a night out.

Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis Oatmeal Stout Deluxe Bouquet

The six-pack girls are waiting for: Ninkasi Vanilla Oatis Oatmeal Stout beer bouquet gets the fun going – with gourmet goods to boot! Savor every gulp with a bite of turkey sticks, olive oil and sea salt crackers, salt and pepper potato chips, beer cheese, and blonde ale caramel corn.


Not her style? Check out these beer bouquets from Hop Valley, Sierra Nevada, Shock Top, Deschutes, and Rogue.

For The Beach Babe

When the sun's out, so is she! While she's in her element, bottles of ice-cold beer and some snacks are what she needs to get her own beach party going. And if she can't getaway on a trip just yet, this beer gift basket could give her that summer state of mind even in the comfort of her own home!

Longboard Beer Party

For your special someone or other beer lovers such as yourself, this beer gift basket will make both ordinary days and special occasions the life of a party! Enjoy bottles of signature Longboard beer and snacks that complement this island lager.


Think she might like something else to go with her sunbathing? You can also choose among these beer crates from Shock Top, Deschutes or Lagunitas.

For The Girl Next Door

Sweet, laid-back, and fun to hangout with - you may not know it yet but this woman is as chill as the contents of this beer gift basket! This cold India Pale Ale with some gourmet treats for a simple movie marathon, intimate backyard dinner, or a lively catch-up at her doorstep is a thoughtful way to celebrate genuinely!

IPA Beer Snack Bucket

Have snack time and chill delivered for family and friends with this beer gift basket! A bottle of Lagunitas IPA and artisan goodies like beer cheese calls for some good company.


If this won't cut it, how about bonding over these selections from Jack Daniels, Sierra Nevada, or Blue Moon?

For The Strong & Independent Woman

She fends for herself, cries to herself, and does not need a man to make her feel complete. This doesn't mean that she can't have a good time though! That being said, she can totally pull off an exciting all-nighter featuring herself, her beautiful thoughts, and this package for the one who loves flying solo.

The Office Break

Take the time to appreciate the people who make your success possible with this office gift basket. Filled with motivating gourmet treats and goodies plus beer from Bundaberg, colleagues, clients, and business partners can enjoy these contents for their birthdays, holiday celebrations, and other significant milestones.


These beer gift packs from Lagunitas and Jack Daniels are also perfect for the night cap of #BossLady!

For The Highly Social

She thrives in huge groups and she keeps her social circles steady - this girl is the life of any party! Be it with her colleagues at work or with her girls after hours, she knows how to hold conversations, give a good laugh, make new friends - all with a drink in hand. How about this one for the next fun get-together she'll be hosting?

Let’s Day Drink

For ladies and gents who brunch or simply love to unwind during the day! Our Let’s Day Drink gift set comes with a six-pack of Shocktop, mixed nuts, bruschetta, cheeses, and other snackables for some early-day celebration.


Now, don't let the pressure of picking out the right and perfect gift idea one get into your head. Any woman would love and appreciate your thoughtfulness - and the beer gift basket along with it, too! There are more of these in our collection here.

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