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Beer with a purpose.

This interpretation of 'Brave Noise' is from Farm League Brewing so a round of applause to Farm League for being a part of this movement.

This beer pours a deep, hazy golden colour with generous notes of peaches and citrus. It's 4.9% and it's delicious. On the side of the can you will find a QR code linked to the Farm League code of conduct, which is their pledge to foster a safe and inclusive environment at their brewery in Cambridge, ON.

The Brave Noise collaboration advocates for safe spaces by requesting that breweries are transparent about their policies and maintain a proactive code of conduct and genuinely commit to long-term work. The beer scene should be inviting and safe for everyone with no exceptions and as a woman in the industry, this is an extremely important conversation.

Originally created in the USA, Canada is now shedding light on injustices against minorities within the industry largely due to Erin Broadfoot, owner of Little Beasts Brewing Company

I am grateful for all the brave women making noise and coming forward to share your story, anonymous or not you are heard. Also thankful for the breweries, though not enough, that are getting behind this collab, releasing their policies, showing and doing better. These are the places I will send my hard-earned lady dollars.

Be Loud, Be Proud and Be Kind.

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