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Job Seeking or Hiring? has you covered!

Are you looking for your dream job working in the beer industry? Maybe you're a brewery needing to hire more talented humans? Or you're like me and just curious to see what's out there and where? Well, I have found a new place to find all of this,!

So though I quite enjoy what I do I always like to imagine other careers in beer that I'd pursue if I could snap my fingers and have that experience, skill and natural talent. As of late being a graphic designer for a brewery or a job in the lab geeking on yeast 🔬🦠 is what would spark my interest. In the meantime, I do like to browse job boards in the beer industry and explore the options available and discover new places I need to travel. Anyways.... is the freshest job board specifically for the beer industry to hit the internet. It's easy to use and with a variety of jobs that all have one thing in common... BEER! There are plenty of job boards out there, however, are not one-size-fits-all. Many of them fall flat by having a wide variety of random jobs that may have you spending more time than you have sifting through unrelated jobs for the one of your dreams. Using a job specialty job board, like BreweryJobs, will make the process a lot easier and more effective whether you are a job seeker or an employer.

I was looking through all the jobs, over a beer of course, and saw positions available from Brewers & Beer Hall Servers to Marketing & Events Directors and everything in between including some N/A brands like Athletic! The jobs available span across the USA, Canada, UK and beyond so whether you're on the hunt locally or looking to relocate they've got you covered! ✈📍

Looking to hire?

If you are a brewery owner, manager or recruiter it’s important to find quality humans to help represent your brand and be a part of the team. You will find candidates who have the interests, skill sets, and experiences you are looking for on and you can post both a FREE regular job posting or get some more attention with a featured paid job listing. Select a plan, create your listing and get ready to hire!

Even though times are changing, job boards are still important when it comes to recruiting. They remain a critical recruitment channel with approximately 2 in 3 (66%) of potential candidates using them as a source when looking for a new job. (According to a study at Undercover recruiter).

When hiring it is important to select an individual that is both passionate about the industry and has similar values as your company. When posting your job listing try to make your ad stand out to reflect the personality of your brewery. Sales Wizard may sound more inviting than Sales Position and using relevant keywords in the title of your listing can pique interest. Let the listing reflect your commitment to diversity and inclusion as a company after all your customers come from all walks of life and so should your employees.

Remember to spread the word to your brewery friends about as the more eyeballs on the site the more chance someone will find your listing and in turn, you will find your next valued team member.

Looking for work?

Through the use of BreweryJobs, you can find breweries that match your interests, values and are hiring for a position that interests you. It's easy to browse available jobs by Companies, Locations or Categories. As a job seeker, you can create an account, a job seeker profile and submit your resume directly through the site.

Personally, I have not written a resume in many years, since I have been self-employed, but I do know that your resume is still one of the most critical tools of a job search. It's your first impression in many cases so tailor your resume to each job. The employer should know within a few seconds of looking at your resume that you have the skills they are looking for so make yourself an obvious fit! Then once you are on to the interview process let your personality shine the rest of the way.

People remember stories, I have built my career on storytelling, so you should be developing a few interview stories you can use in job interviews that demonstrate your skills, achievements, and passion for your work. Be memorable! Using stories will also help you feel more comfortable talking about yourself and help shake any nervous jitters.

So whether you are looking to stay local or looking for a new experience across the country or beyond BreweryJobs has got you covered and is happy to be a part of your story that leads to your new favourite job...ever!

Good luck in your hunt whether it's for your next job or the perfect addition to your team!


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